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Neil Ford -
Career Coaching & Development

Neil is a qualified and highly experienced career and performance coach who has worked alongside both long-term employees and those on their early career path - starting out, looking to change or wanting to develop their career.

If you are in your 20’s or 30’s and feel you might benefit from coaching generally, or for a specific purpose, please give Neil a call on 07702 505 703. An initial enquiry costs nothing.

Typical scenarios include:

  • Job change decision making & preparation
  • Applying for a job
  • Interview process skills
  • Career opportunity & development
  • Moving into supervision / management
  • Move or stay put?
  • Developing role mastery
All coaching arrangements are set up to suit what you want and are looking to achieve. Results are based on our mutual commitment and focus to achieve the change you are looking for.

Focused On Achieving Results

“It isn't sufficient just to want - you've got to ask yourself what you are going to do to get the things you want.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

For coaching to be effective in helping you identify and work towards your goals, time and commitment on your part are key factors.

If you feel that Neil might offer the support you are looking for, please be aware that you need to be:
  • serious about your development and/or making changes
  • open minded
  • willing to take risks
  • accountable
  • committed to working on actions agreed
The more keen and ready you are to move forward in your career, the more you are likely to get out of your sessions. However, it is perfectly reasonable that although you may know you want to make a change, you might not be 100% sure of how or where!

Get the note making habit!


One of the early decisions you will need to consider is how much time you really have to work on the change you seek. It is not recommended that you do things “on the hoof” and so it is critical, whatever your work, home and social commitments, that you can identify ‘quiet’ time to concentrate on your coaching ‘tasks’.

Although Neil’s sessions are usually 60 to 90 minutes, you will appreciate that for any planned meeting he will spend 30 to 45 minutes in preparation and note making. Add to this that he will always be available between sessions to offer support and you will appreciate that you get good value.

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Please call Neil on 07702 505 703 during office hours.
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Make Note Taking A Habit

Looking for a job, changing direction, or wanting to develop in your present role can require a lot of thought and reflection. Depending on the path you take, you may need to research and read or possibly complete some structured learning. Whatever it involves, do get into the habit of making notes - preferably in one place.

Regular note taking is a very effective habit that many successful people have adopted. You commit thoughts and findings to paper, or your phone, which you can revisit or reflect on. Notes will help when you are planning or creating timetables, or when you want to break down tasks and ideas to make them more “do-able” - chunking.

Note taking during, or immediately after talking to you coach or a reliable support person provides an excellent source of material to consider or for further thought.

The best way to get into note taking is to start! You may feel a little uncomfortable doing it to start with but stick with it and you will be rewarded many times over.

Coaching - The wheel of life.
Please call Neil on 07702 505 703 during office hours.
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What, Why, When?

Achieving a worthwhile outcome from a coaching relationship requires that you commit time, thought and reflection to your desired goal. One of the first areas Neil will visit with you is fundamental - for you to clarify what in your work life will change or be different. Please take some time to think about the following questions.


What is it you want to work on? What will this look like?


Why is this important to you right now?


When do you want to start, and how soon would you like to achieve your goal?


How urgent and important is this please?


How should we communicate for our meetings? Zoom or face-to-face?

Let’s Avoid Any Disappointment

Neil is an older guy who has gleaned his coaching experience with some of the world’s largest organisations. That said, he is not flashy or stupidly expensive to work with. His main driver being to see his client’s find the success they are looking for whether that comes from one session or ten.

If you are serious about bringing about change in your working life, or you are starting or returning to work and you want to work with someone who will do their utmost to support you, Neil might just be that person.

Coaching - The wheel of life.
Please call Neil on 07702 505 703 during office hours.
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Career Crossroads

Whenever we look to make a change - for anything in our lives - we have choices or options as to which direction we take. At times we may feel that there is no choice, however, there almost always is.

There is no suggestion here that you haven't thought about things a lot. However, sometimes we need to stop and really check out just what it is we are looking to achieve - and most importantly why.

My interpretation of this situation is to think about a crossroads where there are various roads we could take. Like most crossroads, to one side there is a signpost pointing in each direction with the destination and distance on it. When you reach that career crossroads you need to identify those different roads you could go down and really think about which one you might take and WHY.

Questions you need to ask include:

  • Do I know where I’m heading?
  • Am I clear about what I actually want?
  • Does my chosen destination fit with the important things in my life?
  • How will this impact on those around me?
  • What do I need to develop and understand to thrive there?
  • Who do I have travelling beside me?
It really helps if you can use some quiet, uninterrupted time to think about the destinations on your signpost. Take a piece of paper and jot them down and then consider, and make notes about, which road you could follow - and why others are not right just now.

If this is an exercise you will use, the outcome may provide the clarity needed to start to plan and activate the first steps you can take.

Coaching - The wheel of life.
Please call Neil on 07702 505 703 during office hours.
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Move or Stay Put?

When it comes to career-based decisions if you are in work, there is sometimes a dilemma around clarifying what it is you want and how you might move forward. Do you move on or do you stay put?


If your gut feel is that you should move on, what will you look for in a new role?

How will you prepare for moving?

What skills do you need to sharpen to ensure that you are successful in your quest?

“Some people are going to reject you simply because you shine too bright for them. That's OK. Keep shining.”

Staying Put

If you decided to stay put, what do you need to improve in your day-to-day role?

What will make you happier and more satisfied in that role?

What development can you instigate to improve your career wellbeing?

What could you implement today to make work life more enjoyable?

Coaching - The wheel of life.
Please call Neil on 07702 505 703 during office hours.
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